Gordon Lee

Game Programmer / Software Development Engineer / SDET

I am a computer programmer with a Bachelor of Science in Real Time Interactive Simulation from DigiPen Institute of Technology, focusing on making games. Throughout my life, I have enjoyed playing games. Yet, I always wanted to be able to create a game that others can enjoy. Now after intensive studies and the experience making games in a team environment, I have the knowledge and skills to create my own game or application that I can be proud of. The greatest experience for me is to provide an enjoyable experience for anyone and everyone that plays my game or uses my application.

I have extensive knowledge of C and C++ programming and 5 years of experience. I have 3 years of C# experience, 1 year of F# experience, 1 year of LUA scripting, 2 years of XML usage, 4 years of Subversion (SVN) usage, and 1 year of Autodesk 3ds Max. Throughout my 4 years of education at DigiPen, I have also made 4 games as year long projects with teams ranging from 3 to 5 people.

I have worked with using libraries such as DirectX, OpenGL, PhysX, FMOD, LUA, and XML.

In addition to games, I have designed and created my own physics engine, graphics and animation engine, and sound engine.