those of you that do not fall into four groups, this text will seem strange but let's look for naludnichev prodalzhim because other

pics first group includes saints are people who realize that they exist and live entirely on the rules described in the religion which fall pics

these people are not materially wealthy but are not deprived of anything and are happy at the same time are very difficult to see unless you yourself do not desire to be noticed

group decreased to 2 at the time did not find an appropriate word to designate those people but will try best to describe them

Group 2 are people who are materially satisfied with everything in every day of its existence from a certain point onward there any such place apsolyutno no matter how rich and how they continue to be rich these people are clearly visible and are known almost all difficult to hide but usually do not want think they are happy because they prezadoveleni materially but spiritually are naked and lepsa this is offset by a mania

group 3 belong to ordinary people

It is the largest group of these people are invisible but everyone knows that there are the dreams of these people are simple and ordinary mnota want to be as group 2 and some even managed to pass the remaining hope at least their own home car use as or less satisfactory salary propagation in the form of family such people usually spend their lives working poor or even hang out and be trodden is not possible or swallowing make drunk her under the guise that fun will be specific, these people are filling 

to 4 group dropped all other 

these people are both in the three groups but did not match any pics of them 

signs for the fourth group

What if they belonged to pravyaa pics 4 group
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