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A welcome home for the more literary minded Sleuths to gather and share in their creative interests.


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Following the reconstruction of the bell tower the space was used to create a place for the travel weary Sleuths of Endeavour to gather for a quite talk, to reminisce about solved cases and to relax.

There is a small bar to one side where agents often gather after a long day before sinking into some of the oversized comfy chairs.

An old, worn looking globe is testament to the travelling spirit and dedication of the Endeavour agents, pins have been placed marking the crime hotspots of London, Cairo, Shaghia, Delhi and New York.

At the top of the tower is a roll top desk, a small table with 3 chairs and various shelves holding completed books, folders with scribbled notes and loose rolls of paper. 

Stooby can often be found using the type writer on the desk and is always happy to speak to fellow Sleuths be the writers or not about his cases and his memoirs.

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Seuss Noir

Never Again by Brasco De Gama

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