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The pyramids, described by La Cosa Nostra as “Da Real Estate of Kings”.  Big enough to be easy to find, tricky enough that you’ll need a map to find your way in.

One way in is to go and see the professor of archaeology at the Cairo University and undertake his mission.

The second is a little more strait forward.  Once you have your Cairocontacts every time you do a favour for one of your contacts they will not only give you your standard rewards but in addition a map to get into the pyramids.

So off you dash to see what you’ve been missing and what do you find?  Well… you remember those caves from Shangri La?  The pyramids are similar, take a look:

But where they are different is that they change every time so there isn’t a map you can use.  You’re on your own. 

The “point” of this way of accessing the pyramids is to wander around until you find some hidden top secret plans that you can sell to any of Sleuth’s Factions.

Sounds easy?  Well if you have Trap Detection from the Tigers of Shangri La then yes it is.  It’s just a case of wandering around until you find them.  But if you went with the Tea Steepers because you were fed up with all them pirate attacks this may not be as simple.

You see the pyramids are the secret base of… can you guess it… them pirates again!  They use the pyramids to stash their bounty and they’ve laid traps throughout for the unwary wanderer.  Fall into one of these traps and you find yourself back at the entrance to the pyramids again.  Accidentally wander into 3 of these traps and it’s all over.  You will need to do another favour for a contact before getting in again.

But either avoid the traps or totally miss them with trap detection and the rewards are yours.  You can find books hidden in the pyramids, packages to deliver for a small reward (in the same manner as those of the Postal Clerk in Delhi) or the top prize, the secret plans.

These can then be sold to the Faction of your choice anywhere in Sleuthville.  The reward is $12,000 and 15 faction standing points.  

The big reward here is obviously the instant boost to your political standing with a faction.  There are two things though to bear in mind.  You must have a positive standing with a faction to be able to sell them the plans.  Also you must use a map and sell the plans before getting a new map.