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Whilst you are here why not take a tour around our headquarters?


Our Agency

The How To Files

The Map Room

Little Jobs

The Library

The Factions

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The Directory

1.  Main Entrance.  The moment you leave behind all thoughts of a church and enter the bustling hive of activity that is Endeavour Investigations' headquarters.


2.  Clerks Desk.  Eternally on hand to welcome any potential client is Endeavour’s Clerk Mabelle Abeyta.


3.  Main Office.  The open floor of the nave of the church houses the communal office of Endeavours agents and rookies.  Also found here are the filing cabinets containing: 

            The How To Files, Guides hints and tips on Sleuthing                                 including La Cosa Nostra's apartment guide

            The Factions, Your Guide to all the political factions of                             Sleuthville. 

            Little Jobs, A well used cabinet containing anwers to the Little                 Job questions.


4.  Crime Lab.  The place where we all play scientist and try and analyse evidence for further clues.

5.  Private Offices.  A collection of private and quiet offices for Endeavours Officers.

6.  Stooby’s Office.  Enter the chaotic world of one of Endeavour’s directors if you dare.

7.  Sophie’s Office.  All good directors deserve their peace and quiet.


8.  The Library. Set in the upper galleries of the church the library contains many volumes used in researching cases.  It is the place that all our spoilers are housed so avoid looking at any of the files if you don’t want to ruin the surprise!  On the other hand you may want a guide to:

            Sleuth Books,  Where and how to find them.

            Scripted Mysteries, A list of all the mysteries (not                                         walkthroughs).

            Sleuth Backgrounds,  How to unlock new backgrounds. 

           The Shangri La File,  Stooby’s guide to the mystical land from                 how to get there to what to do once you do.  Including the                     patented Prince's Door helper.

9.  Equipment Locker.  The store room containing all the gadgets and gizmos at Endeavours disposal.  Also found in the locker is a filing cabinet containing the Equipment Lists.

10.  Map Room.  What else can I add!



11.  The Old Bell Tower.  Now a cosy place for the weary Sleuth to gather for a chat or relax.  Home of Writer's Corner