Shady's guide to False Accusations

1 aint to bad, 2 gets you sweatin.  Make it 3 and ya may as well find a quiet spot under some apple tree.


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Gettin things wrong really don’t pay.  Ya client wont cough up the dollars and it’ll go down on ya record as a False Accusation.

Like I say, 1 aint to bad.  It’ll get ya hot under the colla but that aint to bad.

Get 2 False Accusations and ya betta panic.

Ya see 3 and it’s curtains, end of the line, game over, rest of ya days as a washed up has been in the Tricky Mister.

But help is at hand.  Ya see I got connections, big time.  Come and see me and for a fee I can see to it that ya record is cleared. 

Ya’ll find me in the back of the Tricky Mister.  Don’t worry if ya aint in the Big Apple.  I got pals around the world that can all help out.  They all looks and sounds a little like me…

Mabelle Abeyta’s additional notes.

I would like to draw your attention to the flowing notes, gathered from many hours of hard research by those at Endeavour Investigations. 

  1. Always wait until you have 2 False Accusations before paying Shady.  It costs the same to pay 2 off as it does 1.
  2. There really is a Shady character in every city.  The one in Delhi though is the most generous and you will find he charges less than his compatriots.
  3. If you complete the Doomsayer Trilogy Scripted Mysteries you will be offered a choice of prizes.  1 is a travel kit that reduces your travel time between cities by 1 case.  The other is a one off 50% reduction with Shady on all pay offs.  (PLEASE NOTE -  The Sleuth Admin Team have confirmed this is a one off, not as previously thought a permanent reduction)
  4. If you are in an agency never struggle on 2 False Accusations.  Ask around and your colleagues may well offer you a loan.  Building up the cash to pay them back with your record cleared is a lot less risky than trying to raise cash sitting on 2 False Accusations.
  5. You may notice that Shady’s price keeps rising.  Yes he’s ripping you off.  No there is nothing you can do to stop this.  The cost of paying Shady off rises with your experience levels.  One of those inevitable facts of life.

Following this advice will help you avoid loosing out.

If all else fails and you hit 3 false accusations it’s not the end.  You do have the choice to reactivate rather than retire your detective.  This will be at the cost of your experience points, all your contacts, your political standings and a slight knock to your reputation.