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Endeavour Investigations was founded by Stooby and Sophie after a lot of late night conversations, planning and dreaming.


Both had grown increasingly restless at Ona Mission and wanted to strike out on their own and forge a strong and active agency.


And so Endeavour Investigations was born.  A place for active and honourable Sleuths to come together and strive for great personal and team achievements.


Endeavour quickly began to rise up the listings of London based agencies.  The ultimate goal to hit the top flights of the overall top 20 most famous agencies and beyond.  Check our progress using the link on the right.


In addition to these great aspirations many of us within Endeavour have our own demons pushing us ever onwards in our march against injustice, crime and villainy. 


Follow the links on the right to learn more about Endeavours Sleuth’s or the headquarters building.

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