Next June we are going to Sevilla in our end course trip. Before going, we are going to learn some things about the places will visit. 

1.- The first city we'll stop is famous for its caves and for a tv chidren's program called "Verano azul". What city is it?  What province does it belong?

2.- When were the caves found?  and how?

3.- Why do they think that they weren't the first to visit the caves? 

 4.- say the name of some galleries of the caves 

La Información about Las Cuevas

In Sevilla we are going to visit the cathedral, la Giralda and the tower of gold like the most important monuments in there.

5.- What's the biggest gothic cathedral in the world?

6.- Why did they decide to built a new cathedral?

7.- How high is the giralda?

8.- Why is there an orange tree patio in the cathedral?

9.- Say some chapels and images in the cathedral

And finally some thing about the landscape

10 - Say some cities, rivers, mountains you pass in your travel to Sevilla

mapa de andalucía