aquila for windows

your six step program to perfection 

okay so you want to try out the new all cool and sexy hubsoft called aquila but is to lazy to read the manual and learn all the basics before starting your hub up,

well then you came to the right place cos here you'll find all you need, one quick guide to set it up, and one really really quick guide - the express version.

and as if that wasnt enough, you'll also find a few other nice things you might want to check out and some tips that will help you on your way.

- oh and there is a gui for aquila too :) 

The guides do assume that you already know your way around dc and that you have some knowledge about how a dc hub works. 

The first guide I made is for you that want to learn aquila and do the setup manually (its not hard so please try it or come back to this guide after you done the express version to learn some more) (this one is only half way done unfortunately)

The second guide I made for you that don't want to mess with that stuff right now and just want to get it up and running NOW. 

 And when the hub is up and running, then comes the million and one questions - how do I do this & that, well I don't have the aswers to all of them, but I have collected (and still are collecting) answers so the next page will probably be of some use for you as well.

the quick guide

the express guide

the aquila gui

the download page

the page 

the translations page 

Links to other pages

the aquila project homepage with forum and wiki

the aquila support dchub (new addy)

the lua scripts