get the stuff you want from here 

the hubsoft:
download version here.

the gui:
download the gui for aquila from the guy that made it, or if that link does not work, try this link (version 3.00)

the swedish translation files (updated for beta39): 
download them here, NOTE! they are not 100% complete and to be considered 'experimental' at this stage, feedback is of course most welcome. Second note - to make it look okay in the hub you must set the environment for the user that runs the hub to a non utf-8 locale (sv_SE ISO-8859-1 works for me).

Some lua scripts that might serve as an example for what can be done in aquila.

the FeedaLot script, it sends a lot of different feed messages to the opchat or to anywhere else that you might want it to. Similar to action feed in Ynhub.

blocker, a small script to stop passive and socks users from getting into the hub.

chatlogger, logs mainchat in a easy to use file format for you that wants to do statistics with pisg or similar.

AutoRedirection.lua, change you redirects with this easy to use script. (Note - dont use this on versions before aquila-0.1.11-pre1-beta37)

swenews.lua, its a script that, well - it downloads a file with wget and sends it to you as a pm. It really should have a timer in it but im too tired right now so that might happen another day :). Oh - and you need wget, if your on linux you most likely have it already, but if you're on windows you need to add it, a working version kan be found here: WGET for Windows. Just download it and put it in the windows folder

kickcounter.lua version 2, an extended version of the kickcounter with more options.

 minmaxcheck_v.1.0.lua, a script that redirects users if they do not meet the share limits, both min and max share can be set, and also different settings for different user groups are possible.





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