multi function bot for aquila hubsoft - 100% configuration through hub - nothing needs changing in the script

If you are upgrading from an older version please read the changelog! The file 1d.bot.version.txt contains important information.

Finally a new release of the 1d.bot for Aquila

I am sorry that it has taken such a long time to make this release but there are mainly two reasons behind it, where the first is that I have been buzy at work and the second is that there was a long standing bug in the bot that I really wanted fixed. For some reason the bot db gets the usercount wrong sometimes, while this isnt really that much of a deal if the count is off by one user it is still a sign that something is not as it should and I have been tracking this issue for a while now to understand whats going on.

Now, to be completely honest I haven't been able to completely fix this bug as I have come to the conclusion that it occurs because of a problem in Aquila itself where a logout event can go missing and because of this the bot doesnt know the user has left the hub (you can check this with the command !userdb list online and compare that with the userlist in your hub), this is also the cause of the debug message "[BugTracker] UserDBonlineusers: 6    GetActualUsersTotal: 5" that I by mistake forgot to remove from the previous release, sorry bout that.

While I haven't been able to actually fix the problem I can now correctly detect it and then recalculate the usercount to avoid errors in the database. At least it's half of a fix :). If you still get this error message this is what you should do:
1) make sure you have feed level set at at least 5 for yourself.
2) use the command !userdb clean , it will go trough all the users in the db and recalculate the user count.
3) If it finds any error it will tell you with the line " [1d.bot]  [FEED 5]    [UserDBClean] offline cleaner found user nick with wrong status",
now what you should do is issue the command !userdb delete nick (the command will only remove the information about that nick from the userdb nothing else will happen).
Thats all that should be needed to do in order to get rid of this error.

Other things that has changed since last release you will find in the changelog, but one thing you should look at is the rewritten feed function, now each user can set their own level of information they want to receive, you set the defaults and what right is needed to receive feed,
you can set target where you want to receive it, and you can set the level of feed you want, the default is 3 which is the recommended for most users, for admins I would recommend a higher setting, depending on how much you want to see, level 6 and above could be considered debug information and should not really be neccessary to use under normal circumstances.

release / requests / topic / motd / wordreplace / hubspammer / forbid / asciifun / regme / welcomespam /chatlog / prefix / records / logincheck and general world domination bot in lua for aquila hubsoft, thats what it is

(download link is over there ---> )

Currently it has the following functions :

Release/Request bot
    users can add, delete and fill releases and requests
    if enabled it shows releases added since last logout
    it can send new releases to topic if you enable it
    categories are fully configurable trough hubsoft

Topic function
    ordinary topic function, saves current topic to file so if you reload
    script or restart hub it is restored

Motd function (got three diff ones)
    1 is a standard motd thing, it just displays the file motd.txt on login
    2 is a function that shows hub/user info to the user that logs in
    (Lisette made this one :)
    3, this is an extension of motd1 that uses a text file to display, but
    it also takes keywords in that file and puts in the info you want.

Feed bot
    if enabled you get action feed sent to a target of your choice, each
    feed can be enabled/disabled separately.

    sends witty stuff in main or to kickbar on a timed interval, all
    configurable of course.

    pretty much a standard word replace function, my only addition to
    it is that I made it possible for owners to override it.

    I have included the forbid.lua (version 0.5a) by Szabolcs Molnar &
    [VH]adAsz and added a few new functions to it as well.

    add silly ascii to a database and pester your users with them

    user auto reg and unreg function with some extras as usual

    sends messages to kickbar on login/logout

    for both main and opchat, saves to file.

    add custom prefixes to your nick in mainchat

    keeps records of largest hubshare, highest user count and the user with largest share and announces in main when a new record is set.

   add filters to nick, tag, description, connection and email, optins to only report, deny and redirect user.

Updated 2010-01-18
latest version is 1.5.4

download the 1d.bot here
(the zip file contains readme with instructions)
view changelog
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