the ADLSearch converter

the 1d.DC.ADLSearchConverter is made in Lua with wxLua

This program is intended for anyone that wants to convert an ADLSearch.xml from one client to another.

The interface is pretty straight forward and should not cause any problems I hope :)

It only runs on windows (if anyone wants a version for linux just let me know and I'll try make one).

With this version you can skip loading a new file as template and go directly to save the new ADLSearch.xml if you are going to use it on AirDC++.


  • Add $Re: to regexp strings
    Use this setting if you want to convert TO an old core client that needs to have this to identify regexp strings.
  • Remove $Re: from regexp strings
    Use this with new core clients that should not have this in their regexp strings (default setting).
  • Add IsRegExp switch to regexp strings
    If you have AirDC++, ApexDC (or StrongDC versions earlier than 2.2) you must enable this.


  • First make sure that you do NOT load the old file in your new client as that will change it and you will loose data.
    Second, make sure the file is saved in utf-8 format as it will not work unless you do.
    And also make sure that you do not do this with a file in use by a running dc client.
  • Start the app and load the old file with the data you want to have converted.
  • Load an ADLSearch.xml from the new client (this is used as a template so that the program vill know how to format the new file.
    To get a file just add one item to the ADLSearch and then close the client. Then use that file.
  • Save it all into a new file.
  • Thats all. Now you just have to move the file into the client settings folder and start it.

Now there are a few more things that you should do before using the converted ADLSearch because you have to make sure that it is properly set up for your client (the converter can not add information that was not available in the old file, it can only format the data in a way that the new client can use (except for the three options provided in the converter).

So for example you will have to look at your regexp strings and enable settings as appropriate.

Old core clients must have $Re: in the beginning of each regexp to identify them, new core clients should not have that.

Some clients (like AirDC++ and ApexDC) must have the regexp box ticked for all regexp string or they will crash.

Other clients like RSX++ and StrongDC don't have that checkbox and instead tries to use all strings as regexp first. (Yes i know that RSX++ has that checkbox, but just ignore that for now, it doesnt actually do anything. Adrian just forgot to remove it before he released the last version)

(all client references is to latest available versions only, as of mars 2009
AirDC++ 2.05, ApexDC++ 1.2.0B, RSX++ 1.00, StrongDC 2.22

View screen shot:

Download version 1.3 here:

(updated to directly convert into new AirDC++ format )