the guide, the god, the ...
well perhaps not - but cookies always rule :)

im slow and im lazy - dont expect perfection from me - you'll only end up disappointed

Whats this all about then? sorry to say I have absolutely no clue whatsoever. I'm here but I don't know why and neither do I know where I'm going. I do try to have fun as long as it last though and so should you. So I wish you all the best in what ever you aim at and I'll see you around :)

I made a few guides for anyone interested in trying out aquila on windows. Aquila is a hubsoft with its roots in linux but it also runs on windows so many more can enjoy its virtues. The development of Aquila has ended so I really shouldn't recommend any to use it, but it is stable and light on resources so its not a bad option for a nmdc hubsoft. However its unlikey I'll ever finish the guides I made for aquila so you'll have to take them as they are :)

The 1d.bot for aquila is a multi purpose script that I still maintain and develop (although slowly).

I also manage some dc client translations into swedish and they are avaliable here as well as though their respective forums.