Thank you for trusting Endangered Endurance Running Co. with your athletic and fitness goals.

There are many coaches, clubs and training programs available today, so I take great pride in your choice to work with our group. While other coaches may have faster personal best times, national accolades, or corporate partnerships, I pride myself not on my own accomplishments but on carefully crafting training plans and programs to help you reach your goals. 

As a teacher, high school coach, husband and father, I also understand the significant demands on your time. I work closely with you to develop a plan and program that is feasible and works with your life and does not become your life. 

A key to a successful training program is adaptability. While you can purchase many training plans or find generic programs easily, a static calendar hung on the refrigerator door does not respond to your questions, concerns, successes, and difficulties. Working with Endangered Endurance Running Co., provides you with opportunities for routine feedback and adjustments to your program and plan. What do I do if I get sick and miss a day or two? How do I adjust my plan if I'm feeling worn-out? When is too much, too much? These are instances where a refrigerator magnet is less than helpful, and a responsive plan is essential.

Endangered Endurance Running Co. was also designed to help give back, to be a club with a causeAs runners, we enjoy the opportunity to embrace the beauty of our natural world. However, this opportunity also carries with it the disheartening knowledge of the danger our natural resources constantly face. With this in mind, Endangered Endurance donates 10% of all lesson plan fees and club memberships to conservation efforts around the country and world. Our logo features the iconic and endangered African Blackwood tree, Mpingo, just one of the thousands of endangered plants and animals that make our time in the wilderness such a meaningful experience.

I hope that in choosing Endangered Endurance Running Co., I can help you to get the most enjoyment, benefit and fulfillment out of your running and fitness life.

About Coach Compson

Chris addresses

a group of runners.

Christopher Compson:

Chris Compson founded and launched Endangered Endurance Running Co. after 20+ years of competitive running experience at the high school and post-graduate levels, and years of junior high, high school, and adult coaching. Chris continues to coach cross country and track and field at the high school level, leading his teams to 11 Section V Championships, back-to-back New York State Boys' Cross Country Championships, four NYS Championship podium finishes. He has been named the 2014 & 2015 All-Greater Rochester Boys' Cross Country Coach of the Year, 2017 All-Greater Rochester Girls' Cross Country Coach of the Year, and 2015 NYS Section V Excellence in Coaching Award winner. 

Chris founded Endangered Endurance Running Co. with a simple desire:

"To provide training plans, programs, and a community that meet the unique needs of today's runners. Regardless of their goals or competitive aspirations, runners today demand a responsive training plan that adjusts to fit their demands and their lives." 

After casually assisting numerous friends, local runners, and other training programs, Chris decided to create a means to reach and help more runners. Thus, Endangered Endurance was born.

Chris is a USATF Registered Coach and NFHS Accredited Interscholastic Coach with numerous top-ten finishes in the marathon and half-marathon distances, including a first-place finish in the 2015 Runners Marathon of Reston and the top-American finisher in the 2013 MVP Toronto Marathon. Chris is a two-time Boston Marathon finisher and twice competed in the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge World Championships. In expressing his coaching philosophy, Chris comments,

"My personal bests and running accolades are irrelevant in helping others achieve their goals. While drawing from personal experience is important, many coaches fail to prioritize listening to their 

athletes and clients to develop the training that will work best for the athlete, not what worked best for the coach. Helping athletes learn to listen and respond to their bodies, enjoy the process of pursuing a goal, and simply gain a greater sense of personal fulfillment in their running is the greatest reward and measure of a coach. To hear an athlete say, 'You helped me learn to love running,' is a greater accolade than any personal running achievement I could hope for. Running should not be something that is seen as a sacrifice or a cost. Rather, when designed properly and with the individual in mind, it should be something that adds richness and benefits to one's life. Understanding how running can fit meaningfully into the genuine, hectic, and busy everyday lives of runners is what separates my approach from other coaches."

Chris's post-30 PRs

5k Cross Country - 16:09    (2012)

5 mile road - 27:58    (2016)

10K road - 34:29   (2012)

15K road - 54:53   (2015)

1/2 marathon - 1:17:48   (2016)

Marathon - 2:50:35   (2015)