"Prior to training with Coach Chris I had completed three marathons, but my training was basically five short runs a week, a medium run and a long run.  Working with Coach Chris my workouts varied daily - timed runs, easy runs, hard runs, hills and sprints, long runs alternating with shorter runs plus the always coveted Recovery Week every fourth week!  Coach also assisted with my fueling plan and always provided feedback, especially helpful when a timed run did not live up to my expectations (“Why was I slower in week nine than week seven, I have been eating the same and feeling great!”).  Coach would remind me that was what training was for, and all the work, good and bad, was for the best race day experience.  After 18 weeks of training my fourth marathon arrived and I PR’d by one minute and forty-seven seconds!  I am now looking forward to my fifth marathon and know I will again be working with Coach Chris and would recommend his services and personal touch to all runners whether they are looking at their first half-marathon or looking for a Boston qualifying time." 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ~ Joe K., NY  

"I ran my first marathon at the age of 45. As a doctor and lifelong athlete, I figured I could create my own training plan and guide my own running successfully. After four marathons of varying success, I decided to reach out to Chris and Endangered Endurance to create a more strategic plan for my fifth attempt at the 26.2 distance. Through Chris’s process of training design, feedback, encouragement and adjustment, we were able to work together to identify my areas of strength and weakness and build a plan that accommodated my challenging schedule. I saw progress almost immediately. When things got hectic, Chris was able to modify my plan to identify the most essential pieces and helped put my mind at ease that I was still on the right track. The communication was not only reassuring and motivational, but made sure each run was exactly what I needed at the time. I have never approached a starting line feeling better about my training or more prepared than when I used Endangered Endurance. I will continue to use Chris’s services and recommend them to anyone looking to improve and enjoy their running."

                                                                                            ~ David J., NY

"Going into my freshman year of collegiate cross country at Vassar College, I was having trouble navigating my summer training without having the direct supervision of a coach for the first time. I reached out to Chris so that we could lay out a plan that worked around my full-time job. He planned out a day-by-day schedule (subject to change, of course) that worked up to my goal of hitting 55 miles per week, while integrating speed and tempo workouts as my summer progressed. The spacing between hard days and easy days were important in maximizing my strength and subsequent recovery (don’t forget my mental health, too!). We checked in via my training as often as I needed it. The plan that Chris gave me was challenging, but realistic for the goals that I set for myself. I ended up dropping 30 seconds off my 5k time a few weeks into my college career. Even though I had run for years before contacting Chris for a plan, I am confident that his positive and accommodating coaching style will work for people at any level in their running careers, even if it is just beginning!"

~ Madeleine P., NY

"As a former DIII collegiate runner and current cross country and track & field coach, I highly recommend Endangered Endurance's and Coach Compson's customized training and coaching programs. Coach Compson helps design individual training plans to best suite the ability of each runner. As a fellow coach, I have seen first hand the results of Coach Compson's training plans. Coach Compson doesn't just design a workout or print a calendar, he designs a path to lead a runner to become the best overall athlete possible!"

~ Maria W., NY