Coaching with a Cause

Are you looking to take your running to a new level?

Are you looking for support, encouragement, and guidance?

                           Do you want your running to serve a greater good?

Endangered Endurance Running Co. is the answer!

Endangered Endurance is an individualized, one-on-one coaching and training organization, 
with a cause

10% of all fees for Endangered Endurance services, plans and apparel are donated to conservation efforts 
that protect and serve the natural world we endurance athletes enjoy so much.

So what do you get with Endangered Endurance Running Co. besides good feelings?

Endangered Endurance provides tailored training plans and coaching 
to help you meet your own running goals, 
not just the broad goals of a stock group training program.

Endangered Endurance provides feedback and support
that no app or magazine plan can match.

Whether you are seeking to complete your first 5k or achieve a personal best in the marathon, Endangered Endurance can help.

The training plans we design work with your previous running experience 
and fit around your busy daily life, without controlling your daily life.

In addition to the training plans, you receive one-on-one coaching, a community of fellow athletes engaged in pursuing their best, video and article resources on everything from strength and stretching to race preparation and planning.

You receive the individual and tailored coaching, support and encouragement 
needed to achieve your best and enjoy your running the most.

You receive all this at an unmatched value!