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Headline: Career changers find inspirational help at Cook Memorial Library!
Are you ready to move into an encore career to find purpose, passion, and a paycheck?  We have resources for people looking for their encore careers in the for profit or non-profit job markets.  What do you want to give back?  What new skills or education do you want or need?  How do you find a cause to work on?  How can you use the skills you already have?  Where can you get support and a network?

This is your information tool kit, to begin the My Encore program. This program is for any adult who wants to transition to a new, encore career, with emphasis on careers that give back, for both profit and non-profit jobs.

What you will find under our RESOURCES tab?
  • Descriptions and pathways to resources on the My Encore topic.
  • With a library card, remote access to our databases. 
  • Open access web resources.
  • Free education resources, with a library card.
  • At our libraries, access to print reference materials.
  • Recommended resources for print, audio, or multi-media materials.
  • Use this video, from, to get you thinking about the possibilities and purpose of My Encore.

Use this site to get the resources you need for the My Encore program, at Cook Memorial Library District, Libertyville and Vernon Hills, Illinois.

YouTube Video

Please join us, beginning May 7th, for bi-monthly topics, special guest speakers, coaching, new information, new friends, and a tech tour of your library resources.

Encore Librarian-Elizabeth
Meet your encore librarian: 
Elizabeth Morris/

Why this program now?
Because America has been 
graying significantly since  
2006, the year the first baby boomers turned 60. People all over are looking for more purpose in their life, and 
many people cannot afford to retire or need a change, and think that their age will hold them back.

  Even younger adults, who have been in the work force for ten years or more, are considering the idea of doing work for social, environmental, education, or community health. 

 If you have questioned your level of involvement in your own community, and want to be involved in communities, you have come to the right place.

  Adults living in our district, ages 35-74, make up 47.7% of our population.