The 1st ENCODS Conference, 2013

    The European Neuroscience Conference by Doctoral Students (ENCODS) started as an initiative specifically tailored to the needs of finishing PhD students/beginning post-docs of which some were selected for short presentations. Actively participation in the discussion and the poster presentations was a central aspect of the conference. The aim of the ENCODS is an endeavor to bridge the various fields of neuroscience and provide the students a rich overview of the current research. The 1st ENCODS was held in 2013 in Bordeaux and was the first in a series of conferences complementing the educational PhD training, which can not be addressed in the same depth at large-scale conference.

The 2nd ENCODS Conference, 2015

The second ENCODS conference was organised by students of the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown on 23-26 April, 2016 in Sesimbra, Portugal. The conference was held at the Atlantic Coast in Portugal, in a retreat-like fashion, to intensify the interaction of all participants.
Plenary Speakers where: Profs. Emery N. Brown, Arzu Çelik, Oliver Griesbeck, Verena Hafner, Hauke Heekeren, Susana Lima, Soojin Ryu