A free multi-platform software to manage confidential textual notes and tasks.
Copyright Massimo Nardello, Modena 2017

Version stable, released on December 25 2017

"Simply I learned about Wisdom, and ungrudgingly do I share,
her riches I do not hide away." (Wisdom 7:13)

News: take a look at macNotex, a simpler version of EncNotex compiled just for macOS with Cocoa libraries (the default ones in recent versions of macOS). See in this section the reason of this version and its features.

General information

EncNotex is a free multiplatform software, which runs natively on  GNU/Linux, Windows and macOS, that is useful to write and to manage a file of strongly encrypted textual notes and tasks. It’s aim is to grant the user an highly secure tool to manage very confidential data. For this reason:
  • EncNotex uses the AES 256 bit encryption, cipher mode CBC and SHA 512;
  • the user cannot save unencrypted data on the disk, but only copy it in the clipboard;
  • the required password to encrypt a file is necessarily 10 characters long or more, chosen at least from three of these four groups: small and upper case letters, numbers and other characters (asterisk, brackets, etc.);
  • optionally, the password used to save a file could be immediately forgotten by the software and typed again by the user each time a file is to be saved, so that the same password does not remain in the computer’s memory while the software is being used.
A file of EncNotex is a textual encrypted file containing many notes (no database is used). To grant a perfect compatibility of data among the different platforms and to be very fast even with big amount of data, EncNotex has a very simple structure of notes. They cannot have pictures inside nor attachments, but their text can be formatted in bold, italic and underline. Every note has a title, a list of tags (keywords) separated by comma and space, a date and a free-length text, and can be printed. The title and the date of every note is shown in a read only grid on the left of the interface of the software, and a note can be shown selecting its title in this grid. Furthermore, in the same grid the title of a note can be indented or deindented, to make it a subnote of the previous one, or moved up and down, along with its possible subnotes. At the left of the text of the notes there is an outlook of its titles, which can be used to reach easily one of them, and of the possible tasks along with their deadline. The tasks of all the notes of a file can be summarized in a list, sorted, filtered and copied in the clipboard to be pasted in a spreadsheet, or saved in csv or ics format. It's possible to search for a note within the titles, the tags, the dates and the texts. A note or all the notes of a file can be copied in the clipboard in HTML format and then pasted in a word processor maintaining the possible HTML tags. Finally, two independent backup files are automatically created when a file is loaded and when it's saved.

EncNotex is free software and is released under the GPL licence version 3 or following. It has been written with Lazarus and uses the DCPcrypt components and a modified version of the TRichMemo component. This last one is available in the Download section. The software runs only in English and Italian on GNU/Linux with the GTK libraries (anyway, it can be easily compiled for Qt libraries), Windows and macOS.

To have more information see the English manual of the software or the Italian translation.

EncNotex and other note taking software: a comparison

EncNotex is very far less complete than other note taking software like Microsoft OneNote or Apple Notes. It doesn't have features like:
  • keep the notes on a cloud, and read and modify them on a tablet or a smarthphone;
  • attach files of every kind to a note;
  • paragraph formatting (right alignment, etc.);
  • tables in the text of a note;
  • indented numbered or bullet lists;
  • spelling correction;
  • graphic symbols to evidence part of the text.
Anyway, the main characteristics of EncNotex that are not available in other note taking software like Microsoft OneNote and Apple Notes are:
  • it's free software that has been developed with a free compiler (Free Pascal) and IDE (Lazarus); so its source code may be checked to be sure that there are no backdoors, expecially in the encryption functionalities, and it can be compiled autonomously without any cost;
  • it's multiplatform, so the notes can be created and changed with any of the version of the software, for GNU/Linux, Windows or macOS; furthermore, each version is exactely the same of the others, so there's no privileged platform;
  • it doesn't require to upload the notes on a cloud.
Other functionalities which are not present in other note taking software like Microsoft OneNote and Apple Notes are:
  • search data on a single field of the notes (title, tags, date and text);
  • insert tasks possibly with a deadline directely in the text of the notes, and show them in a list which can be filtered and exported;
  • outlook of the text of the notes, made by its titles and tasks;
  • paste in Word/Writer a note or a group of notes with the proper formatting of titles;
  • move some notes from one file to another;
  • double backup file, when a file is loaded and each time it's saved;
  • change the font name and color of all the notes and their background.


Screenshot of EncNotex 1.4.0 on GNU/Linux with GTK (Fedora 27) and search panel visible (click to enlarge).

Screenshot of EncNotex on GNU/Linux with GTK, list of tasks (click to enlarge).

Screenshot of the password dialog of EncNotex on GNU/Linux with GTK (click to enlarge).

Screenshot of EncNotex 1.4.0 on macOS Sierra with Carbon libraries and search panel visible (click to enlarge).

Screenshot of EncNotex 1.4.0 on Windows 10 with search panel visible (click to enlarge).


See the improvements of the various version of the software in the Improvements section.


See the bug list in the Bugs section.

Load test

This test has been done with:

  • the 1.4.2 version of EncNotex;
  • an HP desktop with Intel Core i7 3.40GHz × 8 and 12 GB of ram running Fedora 27 with Gnome;
  • a test file with 1000 notes each of which contains a text of 15.000 characters (total 15.000.000 characters), plus a title, a date and 4 tags.

The file is loaded in 4 seconds and saved in 3 seconds.


To contact me, the author of EncNotex, send an email to ms.nardello at the domain gmail.com. Please do not contact me in order to have support on the installation or the use of the software. I can't really answer to this kind of requests.


Download the packages in the Download section to install EncNotex on GNU/Linux, Windows or macOS with Carbon libraries.


See EncNotex in the software directory of the Free Software Foundation.

This software has been made with Lazarus