Saint Valentine's Day

1.  Do you celebrate Saint Valentine's Day at High School or in your private life?

2.  Do you really know what Saint Valentin's Day mean?.

3.  What do you really know about this Saint?.  

To know a little more about this activity, let's click on this web site (click here) and try to answer the following questions. You can use this dictionary to help you, (dictionary).  

1.  Where did Saint Valentine live and in which country?

2.  St Valentine didn't like Claudius, his emperor, do you know why?

3.  What did Saint Valentine do for a living?

4.  How did he perform the marriages?

5.  Saint Valentine was punished with the Death Penalty, do you know why?

6 .  When he was in prison something wonderful happened to him . Do you know what?

7.  Why did Sain Valentine write these words " love from my Valentine" before being killed?

8.  Why do we exchange love messages on Valentine's Day?

9.  What two main feelings are celebrated in Saint Valentine' Day? 


                                                       CUPID'S STORY  

Have you ever been touched or struck by Cupid's arrows? If so, perhaps you could be interested in finding more about this unique character. (Click in here) to find more information.  


Try to answer the following questions related to this text. 

1.  Who did Cupid fall deeply in love with?

2.  Why did Cupid punish Psyche?.

3.  Venus gave Psyche a little box, why?

4.  What did she have to do with it?

5.  How did Cupid find Psyche?.

6.  Why Psyche was made a goddess? 


How much have you learnt about Saint Valentine? Why don't you test yourself doing these puzzles?  click in here to help you.   puzzles,1, puzzle2.


Well , now I think you are prepared to write your Saint Valentine's poem, but if it is a day in which you don't feel specially inspired  click in here to help you ( clik here )  


Now I think you are prepared to write your definitive  poem to send to your sweetheart, (click in here ).