Enactive Walkway

     Enactive Walkway is a reactive installation that examines the intersection of cognition, embodiment and human experience.  Designed for public spaces, the project explores the concept of Enaction as a new paradigm of interface design-one that emphasizes dynamic coupling between the environment and user.  A 2x6-feet structure runs the length of a hallway and is embedded with illuminated transparent tile boxes that tilt on the vertical axis when stepped on.   The tile boxes contain various materials such as water, marbles, broken glass and nails.  The actuation of tiles sets in motion the materials contained within, producing flickering multicolored light, and sound that is collected, processed and played back into the space. The shifting ground of the Enactive Walkway destabilizes the body, encouraging participants to become more aware of their own movements and interactions.  Together these elements creates a playful, disorienting experience that poses the place of embodied knowledge in interaction design. 

Navid Navab, Maziar Javidani, Angela Gabereau, Nov 2007,

*Special thanks to: Chris Salter, Elio, Gary P. Scavone, Concordia University's Design Labs