Dear colleagues!
We invite you to take part in the VI Ukrainian Congress of Neurosurgery in June 14-16 2017 in Kharkiv, a city with rich and bright history. The meeting of the neurosurgeons of Ukraine is one of the most distinguished events taken place once every five years and involves a wide range of professional issues, particularly numerous theoretical and practical aspects of neurosurgery, neurology, trauma surgery, oncology, vascular diseases, childhood disorders, emergency care, and rehabilitation.
Neurosurgery is flourishing high-technology precise area of medicine. The successes of neurosurgery, particularly over the last decade, in diagnosis and treatment of oncologic, vascular, traumatic diseases and inflammatory degenerative disorders of the central and peripheral nervous system are the result of progression of fundamental neurosciences and implementation of up-to-date innovative technologies into practice.
The meeting will serve to inspire the professionals with aspiration to upgrade their skill set, enhance their professional manner, and develop their knowledge of new methods and solutions in neurosciences and opportunities for their practical usage.
We hope for your interest and are looking forward effective co-operation.

Eugene G. Pedachenko,
Director of SI Romodanov Neurosurgery Institute of NAMS of Ukraine,
Academician of NAMS of Ukraine, Neurosurgeon-in-Chief of MoH of Ukraine,
Vice President of WFNS
Dear friends!
We are pleased to host you in Kharkiv in June 14-16 2017 on the VI Ukrainian Congress of Neurosurgery. This Forum with international participation will consider the most important aspects of current neurosurgery as well as related to neurologists, orthopedist-traumatologists, radiologists, oncologists, vascular surgeons and other health care professionals.
Standard scientific program will include reports, poster presentations and discipline-related lectures of domestic and foreign professionals.
The first capital of Ukraine will impress, surprise, shake up and even shock as Kharkiv is a city of many interesting unordinary places. There are several conspicuous places in Kharkiv: theire history, location and territory are interesting and glorious.
See you in Kharkiv!

Volodymyr O. Pyatikop,
President of the VI Ukrainian Congress of Neurosurgery,
Head of the Department of Neurosurgery of Kharkiv National Medical University,
Doctor of Medicine, Professor