En1gmaEngine - Prox1m1ty Made S1mple !! 

En1gmaEngine is an intelligent location engine. It consists of an intelligent database that contains CellIDs and GPS location data for fixed and mobile assets and a number of federated geo-location data sources. The En1gmaEngine also consists of a series of intelligent, server-side processes (software code) that are used for calculating the proximity and location of connected devices! The En1gmaEngine is patent-pending technology.
The En1gmaEngine database is currently seeded using 1 product; TrackBox and 1 service;  PhoneTrack. The En1gmaEngine utilises a proprietary technology called VirtualCellSquares to ascertain the proximity of enabled devices to one another.
The En1gmaEngine is accessed from a variety of sources, both fixed and mobile. There is also a web API interface and an SMS interface into the En1gmaEngine that allows us to demonstrate the powerful capabilities of the technology. Check out the En1gma Service Details.
Marketing and Advertising campaigns are defined using En1gmaPoints. A marketing/advertising campaign can access the En1gmaEngine and use it to calculate the proximity of potential campaign targets using demographics provided by clients, then selectively market to the campaigns target audience! A demo of the En1gmaEngine in this context will follow shortly.
The components of En1gmaEngine are:
My Business Plan elaborates intended usage of this technology. Also check out the pictorial Solution Overview.