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emx ceramic powder terra


Used as a soil enhancer, to structure water, or added to Bokashi to increase the fermentation process. Mix with EM-1 or apply directly to soil to enhance biological support for effective microorganisms and increase their effectiveness.

Recommended usage: 30 gms per kilogram of soil amendment or 30-40 kgs/ hectare. Add 1% Terra powder to Bokashi will accelerate the fermentation process and increase the quality of the compost produced. Not as finely ground as other ceramics, it is not recommended to be use as a spray as it may cause clogging.

emx ceramic pipe 35mm
EM•X Ceramic Ppe 35mm

For water treatment, the cylindrical shape & structure provide the most surface area for contact with water. Used in 1 inch PVC. piping, for purification systems or in 1-5 gallon jugs to structure drinking water. Also great when energizing water for making Bokashi and activated EM-1!

Suggested Use: Multi-purpose ceramic. Place in a gallon of water to structure and energize your water. Put in oil you plan to reuse to keep it fresh and reduce oxidation. Place it in your sugar or flour cannisters to maintain freshness. Place in PVC piping to structure water

Ingredients: Natural clay ceramic, EM-X and EM.

em x ceramic ring


EM stands for Effective Microorganisms. EM comes in a liquid form and consists of naturally occurring beneficial microorganisms. The microbes in EM are non-harmful, non-pathogenic, not-genetically-engineered or modified (non-GMO), and not-chemically-synthesized, and EM is not a medicine either. The basic groups of microorganisms in EM are lactic acid bacteria (commonly found in yogurt, cheeses), yeast (bread, beer), and phototrophic bacteria.

EM is used in a variety of ways, mostly by mixing it with or applying it to other organic materials. The EM microbes can be activated by being fermented with (organic) molasses and quality (filtered) water.

Our powerful ceramic pitcher reduces the surface tension and energizes water. 

Based on a revolutionary firing process 
(1400°C) and the power of EM and EM-X, this Jug emits far-infrared energy that increases the hydration of the skin, stimulates circulation and facilitates detoxification.