Project Identification

Erin Murphy

LIS 698 - Practicum Seminar (Fall 2010)

Dr. Tula Giannini

Internship Site:
American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU),
Archives and Records Management Office

Site Supervisor:
Lindsay Turley, Assistant Archivist

Project Title:
ACLU Archives Practicum

My objective at my internship at the ACLU Archives was to gain practical experience working in a non-profit archives environment and to expand on the skills that I have learned so far in the MLIS program. I worked on a few different projects involving research, cataloging, digitization, and processing.  Through this experience, I learned a lot about how the ACLU, a non-library organization, applies archival principles, often adapting them to suit their particular needs and, sometimes, creates its own set of practices where needed.

American Civil Liberties Union