Journal Observations

Hours: Friday 9:30am-5pm, from June 4 - August 27, 2010

6/4/2010 - 9:30am-5pm
  1. Tour of 17th floor and Archives
  2. Read manual for Archives interns and staff
    1. specifically sections on processing & cataloging, intro to org, history of Archives, organizational & business structure, disposition, doc destruction, accessioning
  3. received InMagic Genie log-in and archives email
  4. Went over folder inventory in existing finding aid/catalog rec with supervisor, Lindsay Turley (LT), did one box
      1. created folder lists and added dates
      2. small amount of internet research to spell out abbreviations, statutes, other numbers
      3. look up box location in catalog, pull from stacks, review cat rec for omissions and.or necessary corrections
      4. title, date, folder lists, provenance
      5. housed loose documents

6/11/2010- 9:30am-5pm
  1. LT gives explanation of reference request procedure
  2. box 2 of folder inventory (Racial Justice Project - Airline Profiling)
  3. started project, researching for "This Month in ACLU History" - began looking through box of archived Civil Liberties Quarterly newsletters to find interesting events
  4. Intro to scanning project of publications under 20 pages - publications have been cataloged ahead of this
    1. starting with box 1
    2. (scan at 300 DPI)
    3. use adobe acrobat to clean up and crop image - save this as reference image with cat ID number in ref image folder on shared drive
    4. create a thumbnail in photoshop, save to thumbnail image folder on shared drive
    5. upload thumbnail to catalog record
    6. add link to reference image to catalog record

6/18/10 - 930am-5pm
  1. cataloged 1 new accession box (cat ID 9506 TSA)
    1. Contents of box were several video and audio tapes, CDs, and folders of deposition documents. LT was out of the office and I had questions on how to catalog these (each as one folder? how to indicate format?)
  2. continued "This Month in ACLU History" project
    1. researched Civil Liberties Quarterly issues from 1935-1962
    2. compiled a list of notable events
    3. wrote up posting for June and emailed to LT to be posted on ACLU Loop (intranet)
    4. wrote up 2 postings for July and 1 for August - need a few more
6/28/10 - 9:30am-5pm (Monday - make up for being on vacation previous Friday)
  1. Worked on "This Month...", continued to research and select notable events, wrote up for posting. Project completed.
  2. Publications scanning: scanned and uploaded images for 6 publications
7/2/10 - 9:30am-5pm
  1. scanning, cropping, creating link to reference image in Genie - 13 records scanned
  2. Went to archives staff meeting to discuss creating a video accessioning policy with ACLU video staff.
7/9/10 - 9:30am-5pm
  1. Created thumbnail images of scanned publication covers using Photoshop, uploaded to catalog record  after saving as .jpeg
  2. completing catalog records in Genie (folder inventory) - 1 box completed
  3. Publications scanning: 6 done from start to finish - box 1 now complete, created an excel spreadsheet to keep track of them
7/16/10 - 9:30am-5pm
  1. updated admin notes in catalog records for publications not scanned due to large size
  2. OCRed scanned publications
  3. started scanning box 2 of publications - 6 completed
7/23/10 - 930am-5pm
  1. scanned 12 publications
  2. added admin notes to catalog records of publications without images (same exact tasks as last week) - 18 total
7/30/10 - 9:30am-5pm
  1. started scanning box 3 of publications (6 scans completed)
  2. Went to Governors Island with archives staff for ACLU staff picnic
8/6/10 - 9:30am-5pm
  1. Completed folder inventory for 1 records box 
  2. Finished digitizing 2 pubs, waiting for LT to run OCR software
8/13/2010 - 9:30am-5pm
  1. Digitized 9 publications from box 3
8/20/10 - 9:30am-5pm
  1. Did retroactive folder inventories for 6 boxes. Did online research to find meanings for particular acronyms and background on legal cases so I could assign subjects.
8/27/10 - 9:30-5p
    Last day! Someone from the communications department stopped by to talk to LT and they told me that they liked my "This Month in ACLU" postings on the intranet so much, they wanted to make it a regular thing. That was a nice thing to hear on my last day. Reflecting on the experience... I really learned a lot. Often we discussed the archives' procedures and policies as they came up and, in those instances, LT took the time to explain them to me and teach me about how things worked. It was very helpful.