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The Edmunds Middle School Navigator Team is in the second year of a 1 to 1 laptop initiative called I-Leap
.  The I‑Leap Project is made possible by a partnership with the Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education, University of Vermont,tarrantinstitute.org.  Planning for this project began in the spring of 2009.  Our work has been exhilarating, exhausting, frustrating, challenging, and rewarding! 

The use of technology is a given on our team.  Students often use their laptops from the time they arrive in the morning until the time they leave at the end of the day.  Computers have become a tool on which students rely- a tool that helps them engage, collaborate, and escape the walls of our classrooms with a few clicks. 

Come spend a day with the Navigator teachers and students.  Ask questions, participate
in dialogue, help move the learning process forward.  Though we by no means have all the answers, we love to talk about our experiences and debate the merits of a 21st Century Classroom.  We're almost two years into our grant work and believe that, with thoughtful integration, access to technology tools can be great for all students. 

The goal of our 1 to 1 pilot program, ILEAP, is to engage all learners by thoughtfully infusing technology in education.  The 5 core Navigator teachers spent considerable time during the early phases of this grant looking for the perfect tech integration model.  We traveled to Maine (twice), attended workshops, researched, visited Vermont
schools, and consulted with experts.  We did not find the perfect model. 

What we did find, however, were pieces from each inquiry that we used to build a foundation we feel works well for our students.  Some of our key components have included: a carefully planned laptop role-out, the creation of two technology-rich expeditionary learning units, and the adoption of a multi-dimensional student management system.  As important as these three elements have been, the one most vital
to success has been "student voice".  We have worked hard to involve students in the planning and reflection stages and we know that our efforts are paying off because our students consistently tell us so.

The work of our students has been featured by local and even national media over the last year:

EdWeek Article: "Navigating the Path to Personalized Learning"

Champlain Initiative Video: "Technology Fosters Global Citizenship at Edmunds Middle School"

Channel 17 Student Interviews- "Burlington School Commissioners: Navigating the 21st Century Educational Landscape"

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We hope that you will consider visiting our school on May 25th.  The EMS community is very excited to share our work and to get ideas from you about how we can continue to move forward.


The Navigator Team