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Volume Toggle ReadMe

In general, we need to adjust the volumes one by one if we want to adjust the volumes. This application can help you to save it as a volume mode.
Later, you can switch all volumes via just one click. Also, you can adjust all current volume settings via this application.
What this application can help you:
* adjust the volumes
* switch/edit/add/remove the volume modes
* widgets and widget cycle definition
* wired headset mode

Main View:

There are 2 sections:
1. Adjust current volumes:
    Tap this to enter Current Volume Editor to edit the current volume settings.
2. Switch/Edit volume mode:
    This lists the available volume modes you can select from.
    1) tap center area to switch the volume mode directly
    2) tap left button to edit the
Advanced configurations (widget cycle and wired headset mode)
    3) tap right button to enter Mode Editor to edit the volume mode settings

Advanced configurations:

1. Switched in widget cycle:
    If the left icon is highlighted, this specifies that  this volume mode is switched in the cycle when you tap the widget in the HOME screen.
2. Default wired headset mode:
    This specifies that the current volume mode will be the volume mode that is automatically switched to when the wired headset is plugged in.
    Only one volume mode can be set this way. If you set one of these on, the others will be turned off.

Menu items in Main View:

There are some menu items in main view:
1. Add: add a new volume mode
2. Settings: enter Main Settings View
3. About: display About Dialog

Main Settings View:

1. Mode Switch:
    1) Switch vibration: vibrate when switching volume mode
    2) Switch beep: beep when switching volume mode
2. Status Bar:
    1) Notification icon: show on status bar when switching volume mode
    2) Simple Ongoing: simple the Ongoing layout as words
    3) Hide Ongoing: hidden in Ongoing (Warning: This may crash your phone; 2.3 and later are not supported)
    4) Action like widget: switch volumes like widget; else trigger main application (Only for Pro version)
3. Others
    1) OI Volume Update: support OpenIntents volume update (Warning: This may slow performance)
        Turn on this to cooperate with other applications.
        e.g.: prevent RingGuard to stop the volumes chenge when you switch the Volume mode.

About Dialog:

Display some information about the author.
Report: report a mail to the author.
More...: list more applications developed by the author.

Current Volume Editor:

Adjust all volume settings here:
1. adjust Alarm/Media/Message/Incoming/System/Incall volumes
    Alarm volume: alarm clock volume.
    Media volume: play music/multimedia volume.
    Message volume: message notificaion volume when you receive a SMS/MMS.
    Incoming volume: ringer volume when you receive a call.
    System volume: includes Dialer keypad sound.
    Incall volume: the voice volume of phone call.
2. set vibrations to Message and Incoming
3. set ringtones to Message and Incoming
4. switch the system profile (android framework build-in sound profile: normal, vibrate and silent)
5. use the left text area to scroll vertically

Menu items in Current Volume Editor:

Settings: enter the Editor Settings View

Editor Settings View:

1. Settings:
    1) Play Sound: you can choose to play ringtone/beep or silent when you adjust the volumes.

Mode Editor:

All settings are the same as the Current Volume Editor.

Menu items in Mode

1. Rename: rename the current volume mode.
2. Icon: change the icon of the current volume mode.
3. Settings: enter the Editor Settings View.

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