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Electronics, Microcontrollers, & Robotics channel 

Welcome to #EMR on IRC.  Dont forget to visit us at #EMR on irc.magicstar.net

Atmel AVR Microcontrollers Page


Channel Rules:

  • The use of such aol/sms type shorthand as "u"  for "you" or "ur" for "your" or "you're" will not be tolerated.  Shortening long sayings like imho(In my honest opinion) is not a problem but shortening single words is just plain tacky.
  •  Leetspeek is forbidden, 100%, no way, no how.  Enough said.
  • We are not here to do your homework for you.  We will be happy to help you find answers to your questions but dont ask us to write your code or draw your schematics.
  • Learn the basics before trying to do advanced projects.  Learn to crawl before trying to run.  This is the biggest and most important rule in any endeavor.
  • Do not be an idiot.
  • Do not demand answers.  We are not always at our computers when you might ask a question.  Ask and be patient.  And sometimes we might not know the answer.
  • Google is your friend.  USE IT!  Most of the questions people ask can be asked of google and get the same answers we would give.  Most likely we would just use google to search for the answer ourselves, or have in the past.
  • RTFM.  If you dont know what that means I suggest using google to find out.
  • Multiple line pastes are a bit of an annoyance.  Use a service like pastebin.com if you need to paste more than 3 lines.
  • Annoying autoresponder or automessage scripts are not allowed.  This includes things like now-playing spam scripts. 
  • We reserve the right to add more rules here as they become necessary.