Recent Works   

Contemporary Dance and Theatre Director                               /based in Istanbul

On Tour:  

"Irk Bitig" in Istanbul, in Izmit and in Ankara

Istanbul: 3 November Sunday at 20.00 at Garajistanbul   

Kocaeli: 4-11-18 November at 20.00 in Süleyman Demirel Main Sage   

Ankara: 23-24 November Monday-Tuesday in International Ankara Theatre Festival                          

On Stage:

"Blackbird" by David Harrower /DOT Theatre, www.go-dot.org

3,4,5,6 and 10,11,12,13 December at 21.00


Project TEMAS   

"The First Reading of Plays written for Sight-specific Spaces" will be held at Boğaziçi University




Porto Comunidade

Project: Blacksea Playwriting Workshop

"Irk Bitig"

"Blackbird" by David Harrower

Project: Temas


"Fiction as Reality 2"


"A Room of Ones Own No:104"


"Sinop Commun-ication"

"Far Away" by Caryl Churchill

"Fiction as Reality-1"

"Home Sweet Home" 

"The Weirby Conor Mc Pherson


Born in Istanbul, she is educated in Western – English Literature and Language Department in Bosphorous University and did her master degree on theater theory in Istanbul University. She started dancing in the university's modern dance club. She established, with her friends from the modern dance classes an interdisciplinary art group for the first time in Turkey, called   «Yesil Üzümler», where she danced and also did her choreographies until 1997. She also wrote and directed plays for movement and physical theater (1991 on). She worked as a dramaturg before directing her plays in 1998.
She was invited as a director to Royal Court in London to take part in the international new writers and directors seminar in 1999. She was supported by Goethe Intistute and International Theater Institute of Berlin to work in Schaubühne as a regie assistant to Thomas Ostermeier in 2000.

 In 1997 she took part in the establishment of Izmit Municipal Theater where she still works as a house-artist. She also works in different theaters in various cities as director, choreographer and performance artist. She wrote for dance and theater in various magazines and newspapers, also abroad. Her plays have been invited to France, Britain, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Cyprus, Belgium, Germany. She was invited as an arts critic and panelist to Bulgaria, Spain, Yugoslavia, Slovenia, Italy, Egypt. She gives lessons in various universities on actors / movement / dramaturgy and contemporary theater in practice. . 

In 2002 she staged Sarah Kane's plays, “Crave” and “Psychosis 4.48”, under the title Suffering at the International Istanbul Theatre Festival and attracted a lot of attention. She started in 2003 a long-term project with amateurs and professionals: "Home Sweet Home 1 was premiered in Diyarbakir (in eastern Turkey) during the latter half of October 2003 as a joint project between the Diyarbakir Arts Centre and the KunstenFESTIVALdesArts in Belgium. “Home Sweet Home 2” was being staged in Brussels in May 2004 with the cooperation of the KunstenFESTIVALdesArts and Tanz im August Berlin/Hebbel Theatre and performed in Brussels, Istanbul and Berlin. The play staged afterwards in different versions again in Istanbul (2004),  Loule (Portugal) (2005), Hamburg-Kampnagel (Ger,2006) .

Also in 2004 she staged Özen Yula’s “Tired of the Red” as an Izmit Municipal Theatre production. In 2005 She translated and directed Conor Mc Phearson’s “The Weir” in Izmit Municipal Theatre. Recently, in 2006 she directed Caryl Churchill’s “Far Away” as a DOT Production in İstanbul. For the 15th International İstanbul Theatre Festival, she realized her own play “Misfit”. In 2007 she wrote a play for a hotel room called  "A Room of Ones Own No:104" and staged it. Same year, she  realized  a movement theater piece "Fiction as Reality 2" for the 0090 Kunstenfestival  - Anvers as the festival production.