It speaks about the "other me".



1. Very Good programming skills and experience on Xen Open Source Virtual Machine Monitor.

2. Good exposure to KVM, Lguest and other virtualization techniques.

3. Good Experience in Linux kernel Programming and Device Drivers.

4. Working knowledge of storage protocols viz. USB, SCSI, iSCSI, IEEE1394 on Linux.

5. Very Comfortable with Open source Distributed SCM systems viz. Git and Mercurial(Hg). 

5. Very Good troubleshooting and administration skills on Linux.


Programming Languages Skillset

1. Good experience on C  programming (both userspace and kernelspace).

2. Hands on experience in C++ programming.

3. Hands on experience on AT&T assembly.

4. Hands on experience in Shell programming language.

5. Good experience on QT toolkit.


1. High performance Computing.

2. Massively parallel computing.

3. Biocomputing and Bioinformatics.

4. Linux Kernel.

5. Fault tolerant Systems.


- BE( IT ) from Army Institute of Technology, Pune University 2006. 

- Senior Secondary School from Military School, Chail. Shimla Hills.

- High School from Military School, Chail. Shimla Hills.



On request.