About Me

My name is Marie. If you would like to know a little about me, please read on...
How did I become a professional plumber?
Several years ago, I enrolled at night school with my local college on a plumbing course, just to pick up some skills for doing the odd job at home - I loved it.
During my second year at college, I was lucky enough to obtain employment with a national company who came to the college looking for apprentices. I worked under their guidance for almost three years, refurbishing social housing in the Greater Manchester area and completing the studies required to become a fully qualified plumber.
During my apprenticeship, I won The Student of the Year Award.
Why did I become self employed?
I had always intended to work for myself eventually, and I decided to take the leap into self employment in 2009, armed with the wealth of experience I had gained during my employment.
Now, I pride myself on offering a professional and reliable service to the residents of Greater Manchester.
What's in a name?
I wanted to choose a trading name that would reflect a professional image, while highlighting the fact that I'm a female plumber and a sole trader.
Armed with a thesaurus, I set about finding a name that I thought would be appealing and unique - something that hopefully no-one else had used. After many Google searches, and checks for available internet domain names, I decided upon Empress Plumbing.
According to the Cambridge Dictionary, empress means "a female ruler of an empire". Although my endeavours are somewhat more humble, I felt the name met my needs perfectly.
The Empress' Crown.
The crown that adorns the top of these web pages was inspired by images of crowns seen while searching the internet to find a trading name and is loosely based on the French Crown of Empress Eugenie.
The precious jewels and decorative golden mouldings have been replaced with basic plumbing parts. The base of the crown is decorated with isolation valves and washing machine taps - one hot, one cold - while in the middle you will notice the golden tap and shower heads in front of a pink 'velvet' inlay. The top of the crown is decorated with a golden plug hole.