Empremtes de dones Traces of women born from the initiative of the engraver artist Alicia Gallego to gather a group of women artists who reside in Catalonia and visually express themselves through the discipline ETCHING

 Also belong to the group: Neus Colet, Pilar Masip and Rosa Permanyer

 It was interesting to see the way in which each one of us uses etching techniques in our work, which brought us together. This made us exchange views on the various applications of the techniques of original graphic works.

 From the exchange of technical concepts we shifted to a discussion about  etching today. We emphasize that the etching, as an extensive arts tradition, is at once a great force in the contemporary artistic creation. The etching contains a visual richness which still has much to say. It is an open field that generates a variety of ways to be understood and, therefore, be applied. The etching is active and vital because allows to generate a multifaceted and heterogeneous group that joins in the dialogue, the art form itself, established between the matrix and support.

 This spirit of collaboration, inherent characteristic of the work in printmaking workshops, encouraged us to make proposals for exchange with other countries. The fact that one of the members was originally from Argentina and maintains a continuous contact with the Argentine context of engraving, made us consider a series of exhibitions with women engravers of this country.



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