WE HAVE RAISED OVER $400,000.00 


These funds are for the Splash Pad, the Adaptive Playground, and the Garden of Dreams.  While there is still work to be done to raise the additional funds for the Miracle Field and the Sports Court... 


As Executive Director of Empower Me Day Camp, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the overwhelming support we have received through phone calls, emails, Facebook and on our website.  It is truly amazing what the power of people can do when they are motivated to act.  Despite it being a very controversial matter, on Monday, February 25th, the Wilson County Commission decided to NOT take a vote to send legislation down to the state level to seek the ability to raise the hotel/motel tax at this time.  They instead voted and passed unanimously to spend up to $15,000 for a feasibility study for the Expo Center project.  This will help answer many of the questions that have been raised on the front end and should continue to garner support as this project continues to gain momentum.  We will keep you posted as this process continues and may again ask for you help in the future.  Thank you again for speaking up and being heard!!
Michelle J. Hill
Executive Director

You can continue to provide support by helping us get people to sign our petition and show their support. 

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                                        STATEMENT OF SUPPORT
 for the
James Ward Agricultural & Community Center
If you are in agreement with one or more of the following statements, 
please register your support for the building of the 
EXPO CENTER at the James Ward Agricultural & Community Center in Lebanon!
I support the EXPO CENTER to be built at the James Ward Agricultural & Community Center because...
*I own a local business that would benefit from the hundreds of thousands of visitors to our community while they attend an event at the EXPO CENTER.
*I work for a company that would benefit from the hundreds of thousands of visitors to our community.
*I would enjoy the new recreational complex including the Sports Court, Miracle Field, Splash Pad, and Adaptive Playground that will be built.
*I am an Empower Me Day Camp participant, family member or supporter and want this building to be built to serve more children with disabilities.
*I would enjoy the air-conditioned building for exhibits and other displays during the Wilson County Fair.
*I would book an event at the EXPO CENTER (parties, graduations, weddings, basketball leagues or tournaments, volleyball leagues or tournaments, banquets, business meetings, fundraisers, support groups, training sessions, seminars, etc.).
*I agree this building will bring employment opportunities to the area and have an overall positive economic impact on our community.

Thank you!

Some background information in case you were unaware of the 

impact this building could have on our community!

*There are over 3,500 individuals with disabilities in our county that need this building.

*Our schools need a place for Proms and Graduations so we don’t have to go out of county.

*Our large businesses need a place to hold banquets and retreats.

*Our award-winning Wilson County Fair deserves the addition of 80,000 square feet of air-conditioned space.

*We need large conventions and trade shows to bring in more people and thus more money to our county.   These visitors would be eating in our restaurants, staying in our hotels, buying our gas, supporting Lebanon Premium Outlets and Providence Marketplace, not to mention all the other wonderful antique stores and privately owned businesses in our county that would benefit from the increased tourism.

This project is possible through the increase in sales tax revenue that will be generated from the usage of this new building and through contributions made by the Wilson County Government, Mt. Juliet Government, and City of Lebanon Government.  As each of these governments stand to benefit from this building, we need each of their support to make this happen!  Visitors and tourists will also help pay for this Expo Center through a hotel/motel tax.     

For us, the Ag Center has always been home.  This new building will not only create hundreds of jobs, it will also allow us to serve thousands of children with special needs each year.  It will be a better home that not only meets the physical needs of our kids, but helps foster their independence and improves their quality of life.  Isn't that what we all strive for….to make this a better community to call home?  That’s what this building will do for everyone!


Michelle J. Hill, Executive Director, Empower Me Day Camp