Uganda's Story:

Currently we are a collaboration between Clark University, Makerere University, Mountains of the Moon University, St. Joseph Technical Institute, and Ugandan Small Scale Industries Association. The following videos are old, but illustrate the upcoming microgrid development. Please see our co-written curriculum and contact us for further information. Our program is called Empowering Ugandans to Power Uganda and it is very complex to explain on one web site, but easy to understand when one visits and attends the workshop.  Please contact us for further information.

Bicycle Generator in Uganda

First Hydroelectric Prototype - 1st Wind Turbine in the Back of image

Hand-crank version 1


Hand-crank charging cell phone

Merry-go-round generator

Wind Turbine version 2

Microgrid Discussion

Hydroelectric Version 2 and installed with customer - please ask.

Waste Incinerator Generator with T4TAfrica - please ask.

Cattle-go-round generator - please ask.


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