Pygmy Land Project

Pygmy Land Project: Kahuzi Biega

This project is raising funds to purchase a permanent piece of land for the Twa people who live outside the Kahuzi Biega National Park in eastern DRC. The pygmy are the indigenous people of central Africa. Evicted from the park in 1976, this tribe lives on borrowed land with the constant threat of eviction; they are very poor and discriminated against because they are pygmy. The fund raising goal is $50,000, which will buy about 25 acres. No funds will be released until a legal and secure deed to the land is obtained from the DRC government, and the pygmies are the legal land owners.  Dominique Bikaba, a Congloese citizen from the Kahuzi-Biega area, is the DRC contact for the project.  Margaret Johnson and Betty Merner are the US sponsors.