Peace Market Project

Peace Market - Ruzizi River, Mumosho DRC

Completed: July 2011     

Ruzizi River   --l. DRC,  r. Rwanda 

Why a Peace Market?

The Peace Market is an important peace and reconciliation project for people in this part of eastern Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda.

For generations, tribes traded peacefully across  the Ruzizi River, which forms the border between DRC and Rwanda.  But since the Great African  War began in 1996, the area has known little but rape, terrorism and chaos, and the people of these two countries no longer trust each other.

Amani Matabaro, a native of the area, remembers when his mother crossed the Ruzizi into Rwanda and traded palm oil for goats. To promote peace      and reconciliation, he wants to reinstate the trade that flourished here by constructing a large market   near the border in Mumosho.

The project will benefit the 31,000 people who live in villages of the Mumosho groupment as well as the  Rwandans who trade there.


            Amani in Burhembo schoolroom                                                         

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The progress is amazing!


  Dam near future site of Peace Market

About the Peace Market

The new market will be a large pavilion-style building, approximately 25 x 25 meters (82 ft x 82 ft) that will provide stall space for merchants and shelter from the rain for customers. Right now, only small palapas exist, and there is no refuge from the torrential rain. Pillars of brick and rebar will support a roof of metal sheeting. Most sides will be open with some enclosed booths built for electronics sales. The estimated cost of this project is $17,000.

Our Project Coordinator

Amani Matabaro is the volunteer supervisor of this project. A school teacher by training, he is Executive Director of two community based charities, Action Kivu and ABFEK, both of which are working to improve the lives of the people who live in this war-torn area of eastern Congo. This is the third project that Rotary International has sponsored on his recommendation.

Our Sponsors

This project is sponsored primarily by Rotary Club of Montecito USA

Other Rotary contributors are: Santa Maria Rotary, D.5240,  Korea D.3270, Rotary Club of Wakefield RI, and private donors.

Falling Whistles, an NGO based in Los Angeles CA, has also been a major contributor to this project.

Donations can be made through Montecito Rotary Foundation or online through paypal at:

Rotary donations to this project must be cash. The Project Budget is available online for transparency.

For more information about the Peace Market and how to donate, write 

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