School Tuition for 100 Children - Bukavu

Since 2009, ECW,  with the help of Montecito and Bukavu Rotary Clubs, has paid school fees for 100 disadvantaged primary and secondary school children who would otherwise be unable to attend school due to poverty.

Scholarship Fund
ECW recently began a Scholarship Fund to pay tuition for promising college-age girls, since girls are traditionally kept home to care for toddlers or married off young without job skills and illiterate.

ECW Donations Help Midwives of Congo - Nyangezi

This group of 21 midwives is dedicated to preventing fistulas and neonatal death. Trained in Maternal/Child Health by American nurses who came to Nyangezi in 2009, they teach women in rural areas about healthy pregnancy and safe delivery. The MOC assist women in remote areas where the nearest medical help is 3-7 days walk away. Through education, they work to undo dangerous cultural beliefs; by monitoring pregnancies and teaching nutrition, they work to strengthen mother and child. They grow vegetables and raise small animals (guinea pigs, ducks, chickens, rabbits) in a walled compound to ensure that pregnant and lactating mothers get enough protein.  To support their laudable efforts, ECW donated chickens, goats and a cow.