Mumosho Peace School

Mumosho Peace School will be an educational complex with primary and secondary schools, large vocational school with land for improving food security, and community meeting rooms.
Our upcoming project, the Mumosho Peace School (MPS) is a collaborative effort between ECW and ABFEK, a Congolese charity directed by Amani Matabaro. Built on previous successes and locally designated need, the MPS is a community-building project which intends to bring educational opportunities to all citizens. The MPS will house a large vocational school, primary and secondary schools, and a computer laboratory. It will also have space to give workshops and meeting rooms for community groups.

Rotary International has pledged $86,000 to furnish the education center; however this funding is contingent on there being buildings to house it. This opportunity will not be here next year; we have a small window of time in which to raise the funds needed to do this. ECW has begun a campaign to raise $100,000 by April 1st 2012 to meet this immediate need. We ask your support to make this very worthwhile project a reality. By doing so, you will contribute directly to ending violence against women and rebuilding the fabric of society in Congo, one of the most dangerous places in the world to live. Past experience has shown us that your dollars go a long way in making this part of Congo safer for women and children. Won’t you join us and take this opportunity to make the world a better place!