Market completed on budget in record time!

The Mumosho Peace Market was finished and open for business the first week of July after just three months of construction! Located in the groupment of Mumosho on bluffs above the Ruzzi River in Sud Kivu Province, DRC, the market is expected to strengthen the economy by bringing bring trade to this war-devastated area.

Community developers also predict that the market will re-establish friendly relations between the Congolese and Rwandans citizens who live on both sides of the river. It is estimated that over 30,000 people will benefit from the construction of this market. More

The current project is a Trauma Therapy program; we plan to test the efficacy of trauma therapy on general health,  occupational well being and the alleviation of PTSD symptoms. Current literaturedocuments substantial mental health benefits from group interventions with traumatized people. In previous years, treating women at Ushindi Center, they found that a combination of TFT tapping, cognitive therapy and group work improved the women's lives by reducing debilitating PTSD symptoms, such as insomnia, startle response, irritability, phobias, panic attacks, headaches, inability to concentrate, psychosomatice illnesses, depression and hopelessness.  The primary goal of the group trauma therapy program is to provide emotional stabilization and symptom relief through trauma education, stress management skills training and health promotion training. Over the course of one month, the women will meet two days a week for trauma therapy and two days a week for vocational training. More

The Mumosho Peace School will be an educational complex with primary and secondary schools, large vocational
school with land for improving food security, and community meeting rooms

Our upcoming project, the Mumosho Peace School (MPS) is a collaborative effort between ECW and ABFEK, a Congolese charity directed by Amani Matabaro. Built on previous successes and locally designated need, the MPS is a community-building project which intends to bring educational opportunities to all citizens. The MPS will house a large vocational school, primary and secondary schools, and a computer laboratory. It will also have space to give workshops and meeting rooms for community groups.Donate Now