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Splits for both days are posted on Attackpoint. They will soon be available as well on WinSplits and RouteGadget. Please note that all Splits files do not correct for the road crossing 2:00 time deduction and your actual split between controls 190 and 191 will be listed. Any extra time for this split over the allowed 2:00 has been added in on the Official Results (linked below). To download the HTML files to open in your own browser see file links at the bottom of the page. PDFs also available of the Overall Results.

Awards at this event, based on two-day totals in a class, were maple and apple products from New York State (age groups: maple sugar candy for 1st, maple syrup for 2nd, apple cider donuts for 3rd; open classes: maple hard candies). [Note: If you won your age group and didn't pick up your prize, some may be available at the UNO meet.]

Results RouteGadget Links
Middle/Day 1 by class
Middle/Day 1 by course
 RouteGadget for Middle
Long/Day 2 by class
Long/Day 2 by course
 RouteGadget for Long - White and Yellow
 RouteGadget for Long - Orange through Blue
Overall by class
Overall by course

Lost and Found

Items left behind that have not yet been claimed are listed below. Please contact Janet Tryson to describe them in more detail and make arrangements for their return if you want them back. If you aren't local, you will pay postage for their return. Items not claimed by the end of October will be donated to a charity.

  • One blue ballcap (Erickson)
  • Nalgene 32-oz bottle

Photo links

Volunteer thank yous

From Frank Boscoe:
"Thanks to all of you for your myriad volunteer contributions this weekend. Things were going so smoothly that I felt at liberty to head into the woods to locate a runner who needed to attend to an urgent family matter on Sunday. (It was a success -- I knew my orienteering skills would come in handy some day). I wish I had had the time to meet all of you personally, and bring you all coffee. I tried. Not that many orienteers drink coffee, it turns out. See you in the woods, Frank Boscoe"

Directing: Frank Boscoe; assistants--Glen Tryson & Phil Hawkes-Teeter
Course Setting: Phil Hawkes-Teeter
Course Consulting: Jonas Kjall & Glen Tryson
Course Vetting: Glen Tryson
Registration: Janet Tryson
Graphics Design: Bob Lange
Mapping: Mark (& Barb) Dominie
Map production: Phil Hawkes-Teeter
Lodging/Dining/Awards/etc.: Sue Hawkes-Teeter
Timing: Valerie Meyer; assisted by Amy Louden (both QOC)

Also working on results, download, and display set-up: Tori Campbell, Nancy Duprey, Barb Dominie, Nathan Collinsworth, Carl Childs, and the Vido Aleksiev family
Starts: Janet Findlay & David Hunter, with Fred Pilon, Collette Van Kerkvoorde, Nancy Allen, Glen Schorr (QOC), Elaine and Bruce Glen (Ramblers, Quebec)
Finish: Bill Jameson, with Bruce Shenker
On-Site Medical Care and Emergency Arrangements: Candice & Thayer Raines
Parking: David Hunter, with Tuuli & Jason Edwards, Russ & Becky Myer, Walter Kersch
Refreshments management: Shelly Nugent-Jameson
Babysitting: Tuuli & Jason Edwards
Control Placement: Glen & Phil; North side posts: Mark Dominie
Control Wake-up: Bruce Beesley, Gabor Bobok, Mark & Barb Dominie, Glen Tryson, Phil Hawkes-Teeter
Control Pick-up: Rick Worner & Linda Kohn (ROC), Pete Dady & Shawn Forney (CNYO), Stina Bridgeman (ROC), Charlie Shahbazian CAOC), Jim Hall (COK), Lex & Pete Bundschuh (UNO), Mark & Barb Dominie (CNYO), and EMPO's Bruce Beesley, Gabor Bobok, Glen Tryson

Garbage Clean-up: pretty much everyone -- thank you!

HTML results files

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Janet Tryson,
Oct 5, 2015, 1:44 PM
Janet Tryson,
Oct 5, 2015, 1:44 PM
Janet Tryson,
Oct 5, 2015, 1:43 PM
Janet Tryson,
Oct 5, 2015, 1:44 PM
Janet Tryson,
Oct 5, 2015, 8:02 PM
Janet Tryson,
Oct 5, 2015, 1:44 PM
Janet Tryson,
Oct 5, 2015, 8:04 PM
Janet Tryson,
Oct 5, 2015, 1:44 PM