A resume is a document that is used to sum up your experience and skills in a way that is quick and easy to read.

There are 4 main different styles of resumes. Hover over the Templates link above and select the different templates to read about them and select the style that works best for you.

Once you have selected the style that works best for you, click on the sample image and a template will download to the computer that you are working on.

2. Add You Details

Take a look at the resume template that you chose to use.

You can access it in Microsoft Word by using the task bar located at the bottom of the page.

Click on the Your Name text and type your full name in.

You can add extra style by putting caps on

Or adding a space between letters

Don’t worry if a red underline appears under your name. Microsoft Word uses a spell check feature that doesn’t recognize many peoples names.

A resume needs to include a way for people to contact you. You can chose to include your full address, phone and email but if you don’t want to include them select the text and click on the delete key.


3. Select Relevant Job Duties

Resumes are used to showcase the experience and responsibilities that you have had during previous employment (paid or unpaid).

Using the Job Duties link on this website will help you best sum up those details.

Simply click on the job type that you have experience in and read over the duties and responsibilities.

4. Selecting & Copying Text

Switch back to Microsoft Word to view your resume template.

Take some time to think about the types of experience you have have.

Take a look through the jobs listed in the Job Duties tab if you need help remembering your previous job titles.

Once you have chosen the professional experiences that you want to highlight click on the first Job Title text listed on your resume template.

Type the word(s) in the space.

Look under each title and count how many points you can include per position.

Read through and select the points that you think are most important.

Select the first point you wish to include by holding the left button on the mouse down over the text and dragging over the entire point.

When you have selected the text you want to copy right click on the highlighted text and select the copy option.

You can also use the keyboard to copy and paste selected text.

5. Pasting & Formatting Text

Once you have copied the text you wish to include in your resume, use the task bar again to open your Microsoft Word template.

Using the left button of the mouse click on the first point. It will highlight the entire text.

With the text highlighted, click on the right button of the mouse.

An option menu will appear, below Paste Options select the Merge List (M) doing this will ensure that the text you insert matching the style of the template.

Continue to insert important duties and responsibilities into your resume template until it is complete.

6. Keeping the Resume to 1 Page

If the resume starts to overflow to the next page use your best judgement to delete some of the less important points from each position.

Simply select the points that are less important and delete them one by one until the resume is down to one page.