General Information

What's happening where?

Entrance: A volunteer is conducting Intake. Each client only has to complete 1 intake form.

Hallway & 213: Volunteers work together with clients completing a Pocket Application (hard copy)

Room 213 & 212: Once clients complete their pocket application they can work one-on-one with volunteers completing a resume

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should I direct questions to?

Anyone wearing a grey Employ & Empower t'shirt.

Do we print the resumes?

No, clients will receive 10 copies of their resume in a folder on the day of the job fair

What if someone already has a resume?

They should open a copy together with a volunteer, often they'll find that some small edits can be made. Every edited resume needs to be emailed to the individual so that we can provide them with hard copies on the day of the fair

Can we email it to them?

Yes, we NEED to send ALL resumes out
Please use our resume rally email account to send each client a soft copy

What if they don't have an email account?

Volunteers should work together with clients to create an email account  

Are clients required to participate in certain events?

Yes, each client needs to attend 1 workshop and 1 resume rally

What if they need to edit their resume in the future?

Be sure to remind clients that they can visit any Austin Free-Net computer lab to receive assistance with updating their resume. Additionally we have print out cheat sheets in Room 212 that can be given for each template. 

Resume Writing Tips & Tricks

How can you help explain gaps in employment history?

It's important to try and explain any gaps in someones employment history. Take a look at our example of how you can commonly account for gaps.

What if someone can't remember where they were and what they were doing during periods?

It's common for us all to forget dates. If someone can't remember where there where and what they were doing during certain periods help them jog their memory with this tool.

How do we know what type of resume template to use?

The Six Seconds quiz has been developed to help people understand what type of resume would work best for them. Access the quiz from the top navigation bar.

Where do I find sample job duties to include?

A selection of the most common positions held are included in this resource website and can be accessed through the Job Descriptions navigation tab.

How do I paste selected job duties into a resume template?

Take a look at our Tips & Tricks Guide.

Before a Client Leaves

When does each client complete the learned skills form?

Once someone has finished working on their resume, we ask that you review what new skills they learned today. 
Use the learned skills checklist attached to their intake form to mark off each new skill.

^ This is what the Learned Skills form looks like ^