Located approximately half way between Portland Oregon and Seattle Washington, the NCNG holds operating sessions about every 2 months on a Saturday from 1100-1700.  The exact dates are decided on by way of a poll of the regular participants.  If you are interested in participating in an operating session, please contact the NCNG at:



Here are some pictures of our operating sessions.


David at the computer prior to the operating session setting up trains.

Jeff and his friend along with Jim wait in the 'crew lounge' to run trains. 

Ken at the computer generating a switchlist. 


Jerry making up a train in Colfax Yard, Jim reviewing his switchlist, and Ken at the computer.

Jim reviews his switchlist (again!!!).

 James dressed for our Halloween operating session.

Linn works the sawmill log train near Chicago Park. 

Jim very very closely monitors his train on the position indicator board for the helix.  

(Bill makes up NCNG #1 at Nevada City in the background.)


 Jeff and Dan railfan the mainline near the Long Ravine Viaducts.






The crew decompresses after a long day of running trains.

Left Photo: Jerry, David, Jeff, Ken                                   Right Photo: Jim and Geoff