Nevada City was the end of the line for the NCNG as it is on my layout.  The first few pictures give you a big picture view of the area.


The next 3 pictures are of the Nevada City depot.  This is a scratch built structure.  The office has complete interior detailing but unless you can look through the windows you won't be able to see it.  It is for this reason that this was the last building I did with interior detail.

The following 3 pictures are of the 49er Fruit Trail packing shed and Oily Brothers fuel distributors.  These industries were added to generate traffic in and out of Nevada City.  Oily Brothers is a Grandt Line kit while the 49er Fruit Trail building is a freelance scratch built structure.

The next few pictures are of the downtown area.  The main buildings are Twin Pines Grocery and Alpha Hardware.  Both were actual businesses in Nevada City but both buildings are freelanced and scratch built.  The signs on the Alpha Hardware building are from an old Alpha Hardware outdoor thermometer.  The 3 houses are from a Keystone Locomotive Works kit.