The following are a collection of pictures that don't necessarily fit into a specific town.  

Small pictures have been used to save loading time.  To display a larger picture just double click on a picture.

We start off following a pair of SD45-T-2 locomotives pulling a string of cars around the mainline starting with them coming out of Roseville staging yard and finishing up going into the Reno/Sparks staging yard. 

Left Photo:  Exiting the tunnel from Roseville staging yard  Right Photo:  Climbing Upgrade out of Auburn (The track on the right leads back into staging).


 Left Photo: Out of the last tunnel before Colfax.  Right Photo:  Entering Colfax from the south

Left Photo: Waiting in front of the Colfax Passenger depot.   Right Photo: Heading out of town toward Long Ravine Viaducts and Cape Horn.

Left Photo: Crossing the Long Ravine Viaduct.   Right Photo:  Climbing the grade toward Donner Summit.


 Left Photo:  Rounding the mountain above the NCNG  Right Photo:  Entering the last tunnel at Donner Summit


Left Photo:  Entering the tunnel to the Reno Staging Yard.  Right Photo: Helix from Donner Summit down to Reno and Roseville staging level before installing scenery.


Left Photo:  Colfax Yard with control panel open  Right Photo: Computer used during operating sessions to control signals and to generate switchlists.

The following pictures are of visitors that have occasionally appeared on the NCNG during one of the regular and special operating sessions.

 Left Photo:  Black Rock and Marmot with a string of log cars leaves Colfax.  Right Photo:  Idaho Northern & Pacific leads a stack train into Auburn.

Left Photo:  A really lost PRR steamer crosses Long Ravine  Right Photo:  UP heads out of Reno on SP tracks due to slides on the Feather River route.