Grass Valley was the headquarters for the NCNG.  It had a 2 story depot, shops, and servicing facilities along with a small yard. The first few pictures are of the Grass Valley depot.  This is a scratch built structure based upon numerous picture sources.




The next 2 pictures are of the NCNG Car Repair Building which was located directly across from the Grass Valley Depot.  It was one of, if not the last NCNG buildings to survive.  It finally fell to California's love of freeways when the freeway between Grass Valley and Nevada City was built.  The first picture is of the actual building and the second one is the model.

This is a view of the car repair facility from the opposite direction.

 The next 2 pictures are of the houses located on the street above the depot.  This is really the reverse of the real depot as the houses were on a street below the depot.  All 3 houses are scratch built freelance models.

The final few pictures in Grass Valley are of the Barnstead Lumber Company and the 49er Diner.  The Barnstead model is a Fine Scale Miniatures kit while the diner is a freelance scratch built structure.