Empire Mine


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Latest Project

The Empire Mine is located in Grass Valley.  It was never directly served by the NCNG but it does serve it on my layout.  I have positioned the mine on a large peninsula located directly across from Grass Valley.  Rail access is through Empire Junction which is located between Colfax and Chicago Park.

The first 4 pictures show the main headquarters of the mine.  The model was completely scratch build from Hydrocal and stripwood based upon pictures and measurements taken of the prototype.

  The following pictures are of the Rowe Shaft headframe and ore hopper.  The headframe in real life was not located very close to the mine headquarters and it was not connected to the ore hopper.  It was adjacent to the road running between Cedar Ridge/Union Hill and Grass Valley.  This model was scratch built based upon pictures I took but it is not to scale.  The model is quite large but it would have been larger if I built it to scale.  The ore hopper was directly across the road from the mine headquarters.  It was too small to serve full size HO gauge cars so I selectively enlarged it.  The hopper was scratch built from Hydrocal and stripwood.

  To add some more traffic to the layout, a freelanced warehouse was added next to the mine headquarters.


  The miners needed some place to live so I freelanced a few miners' cabins.

 The final picture is a freelance dynamite shack located close to the mine shaft opening.