Colfax is the main interchange point between the former NCNG and the SP mainline. There is a small yard for sorting interchanged cars and for making and breaking up trains. 

The first set of pictures is of the Colfax Fruit Growers Exchange buildings.  These buildings were located south of the passenger depot on the east side of the mainline.  The model is a scratch built representation of the actual building that has been reduced in size to fit the available space.

These are selected portions of pictures provided to me by Brian Leppert.  I am not the owner of these pictures so I have limited their scope and their quality. 


<- Track side with some crates ready for loading into the reefers.

Street side with a couple of bulk        -> containers waiting to be taken inside for processing.                         

<- A closer view of the bulk crates with the Blue Anchor and  Mountain View labels.  Blue Anchor is a brand of the California Fruit Exchange which is now part of Sunkist.  The Mountain View brand is owned by the Colfax Fruit Growers Association.

A closer view of the processed crates with Summit brand Mountain Apples and Sun Smile brand Mountain Bartlett Pears.  ->



<- The office end of the packing sheds is not prototypical.  If you go up and look at the prototype photos, you will see that the buildings continue on into the distance butting up against each other. 

The sign on top of the north end of the -> building only appears in one photo that I have but I chose to                                                    include it anyway.




This next set of pictures are of the Colfax Passenger depot.  This is a scratch built structure based on photographs and measurements taken of the prototype.  One unique feature is the front left corner of the roof.  You will notice that the corner is chopped off at a 45 degree angle.  Sometime after taking pictures of the depot in the early 1970's and returning to take measurements in the 1980's, the roof was damaged.  I chose to model the building with the damage. 

Diagonally across the tracks from the passenger depot is the freight depot.  This is also a scratch built structure based on my personal photographs and measurements.

The following pictures are of a set of 3 separate buildings.  They were developed from the Fine Scale Miniatures kit R. Schramm Mfg. Co.  Instead of building the kit as a single connected building, I made the kit into 3 separate businesses, Haas Feed & Fuel on the end, Colfax Custom Cabinets in the middle, and Foothill Freight Forwarders on the other end.

The following pictures are of a Texaco station built from a JL Innovative Design kit.

Development had to come to the area eventually.  The buildings are made from a couple of Downtown Deco Addams Avenue kits.

 The A&W that was located in Colfax was always a favorite place for me to stop for lunch.  The following freelanced scratch built A&W structure keeps the former restaurant alive.