Brunswick Sawmill



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The Brunswick Sawmill is built from a modified Sierra West Kit (Twin Mills at Deer Creek) and does not represent an actual sawmill in the NCNG area.  Some of the changes made: Eliminated a couple of external buildings, added a loading dock along the front, replaced the A-frame unloader with a Barnhart unloader, added a beehive sawdust burner, and added a chip loader.

The mill is located at Empire Junction next to the Empire Mine.  The first picture is taken from the top of the Long Ravine Viaduct and gives a big picture view of the mill.

The log pond required 9 quarts of Envirotex Lite epoxy to fill.  The pond is less than an inch deep so that will tell you how large it is.  The bottom of the pond was not painted.  Each pour of epoxy was mixed with paints of varying colors and strengths to give it a realistic appearance.

I was not able to realistically include a stream to feed the log pond so I installed a piped in source for the water.  To make it appear as though water was coming out of the pipe, I glued a piece of polyester fiber fill to the pipe opening and to the bottom of the pond.  Then I coated the  fiber with the epoxy.

The side opposite the log pond showing the drying shed, the chip loader, and the beehive sawdust burner. The chip loader is a Walthers kit while the burner and all the piping is scratch built.

 The mill office and the west end of the mill with the cutting floor on the left and the drying shed to the right.

The next couple of pictures are of the cutting floor and loading dock from a couple of different angles.

A view of the front log pond side of the older half of the mill. 

The log unloader platform. 

The dynamite shed. 

The boat house.

A freelanced wooden bridge provides access to the mill for workers and trucked in logs.